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Über Mitglieder des RRK (2019)                                  

Amarjeet Soar

Fritz Schmidt jr. und "Amo" Soar











Ab August, September unterstüzt uns Amo Soar als Trainer im Aktiven und Jugendbereich

Aus "https://www.rrk-online.de" vom 4. Juni 2019

Die Hockeyabteilung des RRK freut sich auf weitere Unterstützung unseres Trainerteams. U.a. unserem "umtriebigen" Jugendleiter Dennis Schwarz ist es zu verdanken, dass Amarjeet "Amo" Soar aus England zum RRK stoßen und sowohl die Aktiventrainer im männlichen Bereich unterstützen als auch Aufgaben im Jugendbereich übernehmen wird. Amo weilte bereits im letzten Sommer für einige Tage in Rüsselsheim und hat dabei Verein, Spieler und zukünftige Kollegen kennengelernt. Nachfolgend ein paar Eindrücke über Amo.

"I am married to Parminder for 35 years and we have 2 boys aged 30 and 28 who are also married, and both play hockey in Nottingham. I have played hockey for over 40 years at all levels in Nottingham and even up to Regional masters over 55s. I started umpiring first while I was still playing and only achieved a Level 1 badge, then I started coaching. I was told that I would enjoy coaching and that I have the skills and knowledge to develop into that field. Passed my Level 2 badge in 1989, then decided to take part in the Level 3 badge which I achieved in 2007. Since then I have coached from regional prem division with senior mens and womens hockey to national league with senior mens team. I also coached at JRPC ‒ these are the regional performance centers ‒ basically players who would move up to junior international levels. Coaching success came during the years when I was coaching at regional prem levels with teams gaining promotion as champions with 4 different clubs. Currently I am involved as a coach with the England Masters mens O40's who won the World Cup in Barcelona in August 2018, Home Nations in 2018 and 2019, now preparing for the European Championships in Rotterdam in July 2019. I also have qualifications in Coach Tutoring and other required certificates such as First Aid for Sport, Safeguarding (Child Protection), Talent Identification. Along with all my hockey in UK I have volunteered in various Hockey Competitions around the world. London Olympics 2012, Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, Rio Olympics 2016, Commonwealth Games at The Gold Coast 2018, various other International Competitions in London over the years and hopefully I will get selected for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Coaching in the UK has been good for me as I have learnt a lot over the years with various different clubs and levels, but I think the biggest and best challenge I an about to embark on is coaching abroad. I have a great opportunity to be part of a coaching team at RRK. I visited in August 2018 by recommendation by the outgoing Coach Jon. I was very pleased to hear this as I feel that coaching in Europe would enhance my coaching abilities and also my coaching styles would benefit the club I am going to. I have seen and met a lot of people at RRK when I went in August, I found that this club was so friendly and welcoming, met parents who are supportive, met some players, juniors and seniors men and women who are very down to earth and open about newcomers I am very much looking forward to working with some of them. I am looking forward to the challenge, looking forward to being part of more success for that club and hopefully my caching will help players at all levels to develop and excel further. Its a great club, great passion for hockey and love the atmosphere there. I hope I can fulfil any expectations from RRK over the 2 years I will be there for. Looking for people to teach me German!

Cheers Amo"